Enlightenment - Kenji
Lil Jay on the track #SubwaySums #br35mm
Max and light
Richie Green
Even when forces are against you remember to keep moving. #br35mm #SubwaySums
Aside from the trains, people make the subway move. Interesting characters equipped with stories, uniforms, and cool gadgets. This guy was running late for what looked like his job on the Starship Enterprise.
York Street leading lights
G Smith

"Life is a game… Figure out the rules and play." - bryonsummers
The background is not a reflection of the mood. I’m cool. 

Photo @thomasawilson
757 - Shot by thomasawilson
Enjoy your seat.
The homie @thejoshcraig shot me shooting. No greater appreciation than a great photograph for a photographer. Glad to be #shootingwithshooters  (at These Streets)
CoWorker Portraits - Gary
CoWorker Portraits - Shane